Hopwood Digital Leaders

As our school blogs, we have started our own Digital Leaders blog today. You can come and visit our school blog by following this link. Hopwood Digital Leaders.

We have nearly completed our whole school review of what digital technologies we have found in school, we just have two more classrooms to check and the school office. We are looking forward to sharing our response to the first challenge with you later in the week and look forward to seeing what you have discovered too!

Digital Leaders Challenge #1

Hello Heywood Digital Leaders and welcome to your first Digital Leaders challenge!

In order to be successful Digital Leaders you will need to know what kinds of technology you have to work with in your school.

You probably know whether or not you have things like laptops and iPads but you may be surprised at just how much technology is hidden away, long forgotten by teachers and never seen by children.

Your challenge is very simple: conduct a whole school review of the hardware available in your school. Speak to teachers, ask (politely) to look in cupboards, boxes and drawers and do some top class investigating.

You might find cameras and video cameras, programmable toys and floor robots, old tablet or netbook computers, microphones, and loads more!

When you have completed your investigation, post the results of your findings on the blog. You could write about what you have found or upload some photos or videos to share your discoveries.

The deadline for Digital Leaders Challenge #1 is Friday 1 May 2015.

Good bye for now, and good luck!

Hello Digital Leaders!

Hello everybody and welcome to our brand new Heywood Digital Leaders project blog.

This will be a place for us to share information and ideas about the work we are doing in schools, to post responses to the fortnightly Digital Leaders challenges and to communicate with teachers and other pupils taking part in the project.

For now, please answer the following questions:

  • What are you most looking forward to about being a Digital Leader?
  • Have you enjoyed your first training session?
  • How do you think you will be able to support others to use technology in school?
  • Do you have any questions you would like to ask Mr. Mayoh or other Digital Leaders?
  • Remember to post responses using the ‘Reply’ button, enter your first name only and make up a fake email address. At the end of your comment make sure you write the name of your school.

    Interview Process

    After presenting the new role of Digital Leaders and giving all of our year 5 children the opportunity to apply last week, we received 14 application forms at the start of this week.

    Detailed below is some of the information which was given to the children as part of the role description along with an application form.


    • Good knowledge of current technologies, apps and computing skills.
    • Ability to work well as part of a team.
    • Good organisation skills.
    • Leadership abilities.
    • Confident communicator, both written communication and spoken.
    • Excellent behaviour, attitude and attendance.


    Throughout your role as a Digital Leader you may be asked to do any of the duties outlined below.

    • To demonstrate an interest and knowledge of a range of technologies and software. You will be asked to make suggestions on how to include or use technologies across the school.
    • To attend regular meetings. This will include Digital Leader meetings at your school and the Heywood Digitial Leaders Cluster meetings. Meetings may also include training to look at technologies and apps to develop your knowledge and expertise.
    • To support teachers in the use of ICT in the classroom. This may include supporting the class teacher in demonstrating an app or program to the class or supporting a group of children or individuals using an app or program.
    • To support teachers and staff to embed the use of ICT in cross curricular activities.
    • To support teachers in linking pupils work and the blog. This could be by adding posts or examples of pupils work to the blog or to produce QR codes which link blogging tools to the work in books.
    • To be able to verbally communicate clearly and appropriately to pupils across school. This may be in a small group, a classroom or leading full school assemblies. You will need to communicate with pupils and staff at Hopwood, pupils and staff from other schools and other professional people the Digital Leaders may work with, e.g. Mr Mitchell and Mr Mayoh.
    • To be able to communicate clearly in writing. This will include responding to Digital Leader challenges set by Mr. Mayoh, writing simple instructions on how to use an app or piece of technology, adding posts or comments to the Digital Leaders blog to share an experience or an example of something you have used ICT for.
    • To promote e-safety and support pupils and staff during the school year to make sure that everyone is aware of e-safety issues that may arise and be aware of appropriate action or advice to take.

    The children were shortlisted after consulting with their class teachers and 9 children were selected to be interviewed. They were interviewed this morning by myself and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. They were also given 3 short tasks to complete on iPads whilst they were waiting.

    Task 1 - What makes a quality blog post comment?

    Task 2 - Leave a quality comment on one of the school class blogs.

    Task 3 - Take a photo of a piece of work from a book that you could then add to a blog post.

    After the interviews, looking through their task sheets and much deliberation, we have appointed 6 Digital Leaders this afternoon. I am looking forward to introducing them at the initial training on 21st of this month.

    Mrs Atherton