Challenge 6 by Barry

The thing I have enjoyed most about being a digital leader is the weekly challenges and meeting new people. I think I have improved on basically everything technology related. I think I should improve further on links to things like scratch or power point(I don’t have Microsoft power point.) Getting used to the blog was the hardest thing so far but typing the challenges down on a computer is easy because I’m an expert in typing. In future I would like to have another meeting and carry on learning about technology.

St Luke’s ThingLink

Here is our thing link

Hopefully this will work this time, fingers crossed. We had lots of fun ‘playing’ with the bee-bots and would definitely recommend them for other children to use to help them with algorithms.

St Lukes digital leaders.

St. Luke’s

Challenge 2 –

We decided to make a powerpoint and share it in assembly next week (this week we didnt have assembly because of Year 6 SATs).

Here is the powerpoint we have made and we will upload photographs and a video of the assembly next week.

Barry Year 5 Digital leader