Digital Leaders Challenge 1

Hello Heywood Digital Leaders and welcome to your first Digital Leaders challenge of 2015/16!

In order to be successful Digital Leaders you will need to know what kinds of technology you have to work with in your school.

You probably know whether or not you have things like laptops and iPads but you may be surprised at just how much technology is hidden away, long forgotten by teachers and never seen by children.

Your challenge is very simple: conduct a whole school review of the hardware available in your school. Speak to teachers, ask (politely) to look in cupboards, boxes and drawers and do some top class investigating.

You might find cameras and video cameras, programmable toys and floor robots, old tablet or netbook computers, microphones, and loads more!

When you have completed your investigation, post the results of your findings on the blog. You could write about what you have found or upload some photos or videos to share your discoveries.

You have three weeks to complete the challenge. The deadline for Digital Leaders Challenge #1 is Friday 20 November 2015.

Good bye for now, and good luck!

8 thoughts on “Digital Leaders Challenge 1

  1. I am looking forward to meeting up again I love being a Digital Leader.

    I have enjoyed the first lesion it was great.

    I will help them by speaking really clearly

  2. Dear Mr Mayoh

    I’really enjoyed the training.Also I really liked the the meeting from today.
    Next Tuesday I ‘ll be with Mr Rawstron to explore the school to find iPads ,tablets,cameras ,toy robots and many more also this is your challenge for the digital leaders.I keep wondering when are you going to meet me again.Also……….
    But bye for now

    From Amy from harwood park

    • Hi Amy,

      I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the your important new role.

      Good luck with the first Digital Leaders challenge. I can’t wait to see how you get on!

      Mr. Mayoh.

  3. Hello Mr Mayoh again I have some questions to ask you
    q5:When are I ‘m gonna meet you again?
    q2:Are you enjoying yourself now?
    q3:What is your favourite app?( my favourite app is google)
    q4:Have you been a digital leader when you was young?
    q5:Do you like meeting our and other digital leaders?
    Goodbye Mr Mayoh because thats all the question in the bag.

    Amy from Harwood Park

    • Hi Amy,

      We are probably going to meet again in January, so it’s still quite a way away!

      I’m having a great time at the moment, thank you. I’m working with some brand new Digital Leaders in Manchester tomorrow, so I’m very excited about that.

      My favourite app at the moment is probably Photosynth. It allows you to put together a lot of photos to make a panoramic image. It’s really cool!

      When I was younger there were no Digital Leaders projects in schools, but I think being a Digital Leader is about experimenting with technology and trying out new things. That was something I always used to do, so perhaps I was always a Digital Leader…?

      I thought our training was great fun and it was lovely to meet all the new Digital Leaders.

      Mr. Mayoh.

  4. Hello Mr Mayoh again!
    I just come with fantastic news today!Today the digital leaders did the first
    Challenge that you sent us.It was great doing the challenge you sent us
    I am looking forward to do the next challenge!
    Q1:Will we do stuffs about coding in our journey of digital leader?
    Bye for now

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