Digital Leaders Challenge #2

Hello again Heywood Digital Leaders!

Your latest challenge is now available.

You have had a few weeks of being a Digital Leader now, so it’s very important to spread the word in school.

– Do all of the adults in school know who you are and what your jobs are?
– Do children in all classes know that you are Digital Leaders?
– How do visitors know about your roles?

Your task is to PROVE that people in school know about you and your roles.

You might choose to make a display in school, to create a new section on the school website or blog, or hold an assembly. You might have other ideas too.

You can then upload proof of you spreading the news that you have these important jobs to the blog to share with the rest of us.

The deadline for completing this challenge is Friday 18 December.

Good luck!

Mr. Mayoh.

2 thoughts on “Digital Leaders Challenge #2

  1. We are looking forward to challenge 2! Also we are excited because we have appointed our new Year 4 digital leaders.

    Year 4 digital leaders – Can’t wait to start these new digital leader challenges!

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