Challenge 6, by Heidi

I have enjoyed learning about new apps and I have improved using iPads and computers. When I am in year six I would like to improve being more helpful when I teach the children. Learning new apps has been a little hard because the first time you do something it is a little hard especially new apps, commenting I have found easy because it was the first thing I learnt properly as a digital leader. In year six I would like to learn about a lot if new apps and software.

Challenge 6, by Rebecca

I have enjoyed going into classrooms and helping younger children with their ICT work or putting their work on the blog. I think this year I have improved on my knowledge of different apps and being confident using them. In my role as a Digital Leader, in the future I would like to improve on my skills of helping other children and explaining it clearly. I think that the most challenging thing I have done as a Digital Leader would be using all the apps Mrs Atherton has taught us to use. Next year I would like to go into lots of lessons and teach other children how to use the apps and software Mrs Atherton has taught us.

2D Games from KidsMeet Heywood

Here are all of the fantastic 2D games created by our mixed pairs of Digital Leaders at KidsMeet Heywood.

Which is your favourite and why?

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KidsMeet – Creating a 2D Game

Hello Heywood Digital Leaders.

Here is your next Digital Leaders challenge – live at our KidsMeet event!

You are going to design a simple 2D platform game using 2 Do It Yourself in Purple Mash. You will work with a partner to create an interesting game of your choice.

In order to complete your game you will need to:

1. Log into Purple Mash (Mr. Mayoh will provide you with a username and password);
2. Navigate to 2 Do It Yourself;
3. Decide on a theme for your game;
4. Add walls and a background;
5. Design something for your player to collect and add it into your game;
6. Create and add some baddies for you to try and avoid;
7. Write some simple instructions for others to be able to understand how to play your game.

You will need to work as a team to come up with your ideas and to create your game. Remember that Digital Leaders must be able to communicate and collaborate effectively, so it’s important that you work together.

Later on we will be evaluating each other’s games, so make sure they’re top quality!

Mr. Mayoh.

Tagxedo – Top Presentation Tips

DL Presentation TipsHere is the Tagxedo we created from all of the different ideas our Digital Leaders came up with from the Digital Leaders KidsMeet about how to make a presentation good to watch and listen to.

I think it is interesting to see which words are the biggest (i.e. most important). Do you agree? Is anything missing?

Digital Leaders Challenge #6

Hello again Heywood Digital Leaders.

I hope you are nearly prepared for your KidsMeet presentations, as we’re only a few days away!

This is your final Digital Leaders Challenge of the year.

We have talked quite a lot about evaluating things in our roles as Digital Leaders this year, and your final challenge is all about evaluating your own roles as Digital Leaders.

To complete the challenge, every single Digital Leader needs to post a response on the Digital Leaders blog to let us know how you have found the whole process of being a Digital Leader. You can tell us about all of the things you have worked on and your ideas for the future. You will also need to answer the following questions:

  • What have you enjoyed most about being a Digital Leader?
  • What skills do you think you have improved by becoming a Digital Leader?
  • What would you like to improve further in order to be an even better Digital Leader?
  • What have you found challenging about being a Digital Leader? What has been easy?
  • Are there any specific things you would like to do next year as Digital Leaders?
  • Please also feel free to share any other ideas, and ask questions in return if you would like to.

    You can begin your evaluations straight away, but please do not post them until after the KidsMeet, as you may wish to include some information about the event in your evaluations.

    You might choose just to type a blog post, but you might also want to upload a presentation, a Bitstrips for Schools submission, an audio file or anything else that you think will get your ideas across clearly.

    I look forward to seeing your responses!

    Mr. Mayoh.